5 Important factors to consider when buying an electric Skateboard

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5 Important factors to consider when buying an electric Skateboard

1) Weigh 

A lot of the Epic skateboards off road boards have incredible power and range but if you are commuting and need to take it on a train or bus or need to walk it up 3 or more flights of stairs it might be better to get one of the street boards that are much lighter and easier to carry and take on public transport. 

2) Warranty and replacement parts

Before investing in an electric skateboard it’s worth finding out about the warranty as if it comes from an overseas company it could be hard to get replacement parts and if the board stops working it might be hard to get someone to look at it and if it has to get sent long distances this could take time. Epic have service centre at the Gold Coast, Australia and all boards come with a 12 months factory warranty

3) Price

Most expensive part of an electric skateboard is normally the battery and good quality lithium batteries with high volts and amp is more expensive than lead-acid with low volts and amps, a lighter battery with a long range normally means a more expensive battery.

4) Power 

The amount of power a board has will normally be determined by the motors power and the amount of motors. 1 motor boards can save you money up front but normally the drive wheel will need to be replaced a lot more often compared to the 2 and 4 motor boards. Downside to more motors is the board is heavier but when going off road or on soft and rough surfaces it really helps and makes it a more enjoyable riding experience. 

 5) Range 

When buying an electric skateboard some people need more range than others and the battery is normally the most expensive part of the skateboard so if you are only needed to go a few kilometres you can save yourself some money by getting a smaller battery. If you are needing to go on long trips it might be worth investing in getting a decent battery with a good range. For the longest range check out https://epicelectricskateboards.com/blogs/news/how-to-hey-the-longest-range-from-your-electric-skateboard