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These days more people are using electric scooters to get around and they’re proving particularly popular for navigating busy cities. If you’re keen to start using one of these scooters you might be interested in what to expect and how far you can really travel after a single charge. 

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1) Power on Press “button A” on remote control for 1 second to power on. The remote control will vibrate shortly and enter into connection mode. LED screen displays main interface or unconnected hint according to connection state. Then press the power button of skateboard for 0.2 second to enter into connection mode. Note: The normal state after connection on the LED screen displays main interface and indicator light of skateboard is constantly on.  2)  Power off Manual off: Press “button A” for 2 seconds to power off (The skateboard cannot be powered off under speeding). The remote control vibrates shortly, press power button for 1 second...

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1) Weigh  A lot of the Epic skateboards off road boards have incredible power and range but if you are commuting and need to take it on a train or bus or need to walk it up 3 or more flights of stairs it might be better to get one of the street boards that are much lighter and easier to carry and take on public transport.  2) Warranty and replacement parts Before investing in an electric skateboard it’s worth finding out about the warranty as if it comes from an overseas company it could be hard to get replacement...

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